covid-19 safety plan


  • Restaurant seating at 50% capacity with 2m physical distance between guests of different parties

  • Maximum table size: 6

  • Bar + kitchen counter seats are separated from bar/kitchen by a physical barrier (plexi-glass)

  • Safety plan posted at, in staff handbook and outside restaurant entrance

  • Safety plan developed with all team members, all team members to receive updated COVID-19 procedure training

  • Communication sent to guests regarding expectation of adherence to guidelines by email prior to arrival

  • Approved persons only to enter (staff, guests, deliveries) – all others should knock at the back door and wait, most interactions can be done outside

  • Delivery area behind restaurant to be used for all deliveries except GFS, who enter alone during the night and do not have contact with anyone

  • Doors, windows and vents to be kept open where possible to increase air flor



  • Please arrive on time for your reservation; if you would like to come early, please call in advance to find out if your table will be ready

  • Please let us know of your arrival and wait outside until your table is ready

  • All guests must provide their name and contact information, which could be provided to public health officials should contact tracing be required

  • Coat racks are not available at this time, please hang any items you have with you on your chair

  • Please avoid physical contact with our team (no handshaking or hugs for now) and where possible, maintain physical distancing with our team and our other guests unless they are in your party

  • Please place items within reach of our servers to refill or clear away (glasses, plates, menus, bread baskets etc)

  • Please allow us to show you to the washroom, as the corridor is narrow and we will check that it is empty before taking you there



  • Takeout orders and payment will to be taken over the phone, to minimize contact and time spent at the restaurant

  • For collection, please let us know of your arrival and wait outside, we will bring your takeout to you



  • Open door and check entrance is clear to enter

  • Collect personal belongings box + place any items in box

  • Wash hands

  • Collect uniform + change, deposit clothes into personal belongings box and put away

  • Wash hands + enter main work area

  • Complete health check with manager



  • Remember that your personal choices outside of work in regards to social distancing + staying safe effect your whole team

  • Ensure to maintain physical distancing from colleagues where possible

  • Be aware of pinch points for physical distancing (see poster) and do not enter the following areas if a team member is already there:

    • Entry hallway

    • Wine cellar

    • Walk in fridge

    • Dry storage

    • Staff bathrooms

    • Guest bathrooms

  • Minimize close contact with guests or other individuals (delivery drivers etc)

  • Avoid touching your face (or mask) + wash hands if you do

  • Follow correct handwashing procedures and wash hands:

    • After using the bathroom

    • After cleaning the bathroom

    • After clearing a table, touching dirty dishes or glassware or cleaning menus

    • Before + after eating or drinking

    • Before polishing or folding napkins

    • After sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose

    • After touching shared equipment

  • If masks are worn, ensure they are worn correctly and not adjusted once on; masks may be required during service and masks should be worn:

    • When polishing or folding napkins

    • When doing laundry

  • If using gloves, ensure correct procedures are followed

  • Ensure social distancing is maintained during family meal

  • Spray staff bathroom with Savall disinfectant after each use, make sure to get the door handles, taps etc.



  • Dishwasher and sanitizer solution to be tested + recorded daily

  • Both sinks + cambro to be filled with hot soapy water + sanitizer – left sink is for kitchen equipment, right sink is for plate ware, cambro (inside right sink) is for cutlery

  • Equipment and dishes should be gently scraped into the garbage and gently placed into the sink to soak

  • Once soaked, items should be removed, scrubbed if necessary, placed on the rack and put through the dishwasher

  • Dishes should be allowed to air dry + should be put away with clean hands


  • Set 30 minute egg timer at start of shift, wash hands, wash tools + sanitize station every time it goes off (and when required)

  • Use your tools and those labelled for you whenever possible + ensure they are kept clean

  • When using shared equipment or tools, sanitize before and after use

  • Maintain clean/dirty spoon tasting stations

  • Ensure kitchen cleaning schedule is adhered to and signed off on daily

  • Deep clean and sanitize kitchen and dish area nightly

  • Continue to follow all food safety protocols – all kitchen staff to have ‘Food Safe’ certification

  • Kitchen uniform to be laundered after every shift – change back into your arrival clothes and place in laundry basket, a clean uniform will be ready for your next shift


  • Ensure restaurant cleaning schedule is adhered to and signed off on daily

  • When kitchen egg timer goes off (every 30 minutes) sanitize door handles, shared equipment + guest bathrooms

  • Guest bathrooms should be sanitized after each use when possible

  • Wash hand or ensure hand sanitizer is used after touching shared equipment such as the POS terminal, credit card machine, host computer or touching guest menus

  • Amended service procedures:

    • We will not be offering to hang guests coats as the coat rack is a pinch point for entry and exit, we will instead be suggesting they leave them on the back of the chair (if requested, we will hang by the door)

    • Tables will be left bare except for sanitizer, guests will be given menus when seated and these will be cleared and cleaned once the order is taken (menus will be laminated inside wipeable menu cover)

    • When speaking with a table, stand back from the table but not so far that you have to shout

    • Serve tables from the open side with outstretched arms, carefully and efficiently to minimize contact whilst trying to maintain distance with the guest

    • If it is difficult to reach a guest, place the item you are trying to deliver at an open area of the table and ask the guest to get it from there (or ask another guest to pass it) – do the same for clearing and ask if cutlery can be placed on the plate

    • Do not visit the table unless necessary, try to consolidate visits to the table to avoid going numerous times for small things

    • Water will be delivered by the bottle so each guest can pour their own, wine will either be left on the table for the guest to pour themselves or stored on the beverage station for the server to pour (if pouring for the guest, ask them to make their glass accessible for top ups)

    • Remember to minimize touches to service ware:

      • Use a clean lito each time when delivering food

      • Use a tray when delivering cutlery/side plates/glassware etc

      • Carry glassware by the stem

    • When presenting wine to a table, use a black lito to hold the bottle, avoid touching the neck and hold bottle away from the body

    • Open bottles away from the table at the beverage service station, cork to be discarded, taste to be offered to host

    • When preparing cocktails, all bar ware should be cleaned after each use and tongs should be used where possible for garnishes, tastes should be taken using a clean spoon each time

    • Avoid touching napkins and do not fold napkins when if the guest leaves the table

    • Guests will ask you to show them to the bathroom – check that the hallway is clear and a bathroom is available and then show the guest where to go

    • Guests will be offered tap payment:

      • go to the table with the total entered into the credit card machine, confirm the total and the gratuity amount with guest, present the machine for tap payment and offer a receipt

      • show them the terminal to confirm the amount

  • After dinner treat to be provided in to go boxes

  • If guests wish to pack up leftovers to take home, bring to go container to table for them to pack

  • Trays should be sanitized (through the dishwasher is easiest) when used to clear any dirty service items from guest tables

  • Bread baskets should be sanitized between uses

  • Tables + chairs to be fully sanitized between seating’s paying attention to seat surfaces

  • Server uniform to be laundered after every shift (Pluvio is happy to wash + dry uniforms however you will need to iron them yourself at home)



  • Each room has separate, outside access

  • Potential pinch point on the stairs – notice placed at top and bottom of stairs to check and only use if no one is coming

  • Safety plan posted at, in staff handbook and in office

  • Safety plan developed with all team members, all team members to receive updated COVID-19 procedure training

  • Communication sent to guests regarding expectation of adherence to guidelines by email prior to arrival

  • Guests asked to stay home and reschedule if they are experiencing covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with a confirmed case

  • Social distancing measures in place throughout the property

  • Approved persons only to enter the office – all others should knock and wait, most interactions can be done outside

  • Contactless check-in in the office, key and registration form at table by entrance, guest to complete registration (and provide credit card info if necessary) and take key, manager will walk them to their room whilst maintaining physical distance to explain details of their stay

  • Details of what to do if they start to experience symptoms are posted in the rooms, including calling 811, notifying a staff member and isolating until they are given further advice

  • Mint Cleaning Company clean each room upon checkout with enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures:

    • Collect keys office, collect linen setups + c/out list from laundry room.

    • Wearing mask + gloves, enter room after 3 hours vacant or once appropriately aired out.

    • Spray all surfaces (light switches, door handles, bathrooms, tables, etc) with oxygenic covid approved disinfectant and let sit for 10min.

    • Carefully remove laundry, as to not shake the linens, wash on high heat setting, towels In a separate load. Check pillow protectors and mattress protectors and remove if necessary, spray with oxygenic + allow to dry.

    • Empty refrigerator + remove all dishes (whether used or not) with breakfast box and return to kitchen.

    • Empty garbage and recycling in bedroom and bathroom, replace garbage bags (leaving roll under the bag) + check room and balcony for additional garbage.

    • Remove unused amenities (sealed teabags, earplugs, cotton buds/pads, toilet paper) and place in quarantine bin, noting date of safe removal for three days time. Seal bin.

    • Change gloves.

    • Wipe down shower, sink, toilet with paper towel and discard.

    • Change gloves.

    • Vapor clean curtains, chairs + carpet.

    • Wipe disinfected room surfaces and using the Oxygenic cleaner and a blue cloth, wipe + dust room (refrigerator, wardrobe, bedside table, bedside lamps, headboard, moss art, coffee station, top of picture, window sills, coffee table, standing lamp, tv, tv shelf, remote controls, light switches, base boards, top of mirror).

    • Make bed using clean linens, fold blanket and place on side of chair beside floor lamp.

    • Empty + dry kettle (new blue cloth), wipe + check guest directory

    • Sweep + dust patio, clean chairs + table, clean patio door + window glass inside + out

    • Clean bathroom floor using neutracare + clean yellow cloth

    • Once dry, vacuum bedroom, vacuum interior + exterior door mats

    • Check + replenish all items (see list on reverse)

  • Once guest has checked in, no one will enter the room during their stay except for in an emergency

    • If clean linens or sheets are required during the stay, guests are asked to place dirty items in the black laundry bag (located under the sink or on the bottom shelf in the bathroom) and leave the bag tied outside the door. Clean linens will place clean linens in the same spot for the guest use.

    • Garbage + recycling will be removed if left outside the door, fresh bags are already inside the garbage bins.

    • If additional amenities are required, guests are asked to indicate this on the breakfast card + leave the card outside the door with the breakfast box, or text the Pluvio number provided and the items will be placed outside the door.

  • Contactless breakfast delivery + collection:

    • breakfast is left outside the guest door by Pluvio staff member, outside of box is sanitized before delivery

    • guests are asked to please leave the box in the same spot for collection with all dirty dishes by 2pm + Mint cleaning or Pluvio staff will collect the box (wearing mask and gloves) and place in the kitchen to be cleaned

    • uneaten food is thrown away, all dishes and box are washed and sanitized

  • Contactless in room dining dinner service: If you would like to enjoy the Pluvio three course menu in the comfort of your room, please call us to reserve this. We will deliver each course to your door. When you are ready for the next course, please text us + leave your tray outside.

  • The following items are available by request only at this time and will be delivered to the room and disinfected or discarded as needed once the guest has left and placed back in storage:

    • Iron + ironing board

    • Beach towels

    • Playing cards + cribbage board

    • Pen + paper

    • Map of the area

  • Contactless check out:

    • Key is to be left in the key box by the office

    • Key is disinfected by Pluvio staff once collected

    • Folio is emailed to the guest instead of printed and given to them



Check MSDS sheets and label for PPE, usage and dilution instructions

  • Savall Sanitizer

  • Oxygenic Disinfectant